Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Dragon Boat Festival

Happy Dragon Boat Festival to all!

Today (6th June) is the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival and it happens to be the replacement holiday of Agong's birthday for many people. Most of the Malaysians celebrating the festival would be at home enjoying the delicious dumpling. Yummy!

For some of you who don't know the origin of Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, it is a day to remember a great patriot in ancient China, Qu Yuan, who loves his country so much and committed suicide when his country fell apart. So, some people started to commemorate him by eating dumpling and some competing in dragon boat race.

But what means more to us is
definitely the delicious dumplings! And many varieties of them! Other than preparing dumplings ourselves or getting help from our parents or relatives (Well, this is the easiest way), there are not many options left for us. Fortunately for people in China, Taiwan and some other countries that are already accustomed to group buying, it is not surprising they actually order their dumplings online from group buying sites!
In China, 85Cafe which featured dumplings deal in group buying sites sold over 10 thousands coupons in less than 2 days. Many outlets of 85Cafe even ran out of stock due to the incredible sales. Similarly, many group buying sites are also taking advantage of this holiday period to provide holiday packages, restaurant discounts and many other deals to attract more customers. We hope to see more great deals coming from the group buying sites so we get to enjoy more for less!

Well, for now, it's time to enjoy my next dumpling (Oouugh...)

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