Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How did the name "Dealshelve" came about?

JW came up with the idea of aggregating group buying sites so three of us got together and started to develop this site. First thing first, what should we name our site? Finding a suitable name which is not lame, available with domain name and acceptable by everyone wasn't an easy deal. A lot of brainstorming sessions were held but every time we discussed about the naming, it came to a dead end.

Interesting names that came up were dealsnetwork, dealspull, dealsradar, streetgrab, gooroops, deeyell... One day while imagining our site as a shelf that collects and stores the group buying deals, the name deal-shelf appeared. However, dealshelf.com is already taken (well, it's common that domain name with words in dictionary has been taken by someone though there's no real site for that domain). Shelf reminds me of p4 shelve, one of the command in Perforce, the favourite command in my favourite repository system. And the good news is the domain name dealshelve.com is still available!

It's not a great name, but it isn't lame and dealshelve.com is available. Literally, shelve means to put on a shelf or arrange on shelves. Cool, it describes the function of our site perfectly. So, nobody objected and we agreed to use this name until we came up with a really impressive one... But at the end we didn't came up with any name that is better than dealshelve.com. (I wonder how long it took AD to name his son Julian?)

So, that's how dealshelve.com came about. We hope that people like the name, or at least not hate it. By the way, do pronounce the name correctly, it's "deal-shelve", not "dell-shell" or "deal-chef"... (oh wait, dealchef seems to be a good name too!)

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